How to Choose the Perfect New Basin for Your Bathroom Upgrade

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Are you in the mood for a bathroom renovation? You may not be able to conduct a top-to-bottom makeover, but you nevertheless want to upgrade some of your existing units to make this room a more enjoyable place to be. Consider starting with the bathroom basin and working from there.


There are many different types of bathroom basin to choose from, but to begin with, you will need to decide whether it is going to be freestanding, set on top of a counter or fixed to the wall.

Freestanding options are best suited for larger bathrooms and come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. You can choose to install a single basin or a pair for a 'his and hers' look, but you will need the appropriate amount of floor space for this upgrade.

Alternatively, you could choose a pedestal basin that extends all the way to the floor. Again, these are available in a number of different designs, and you could choose a contemporary or traditional design to fit the rest of your decor. Some of these models have a shorter pedestal that only reaches halfway down, but which will nevertheless hide the pipework from plain sight. If you're short on space, then this will appear to be less cluttered.

If you're planning to upgrade the vanity unit or create more counter space for other preparatory work, then you can install an inset basin instead. This can be either flush to the surrounding unit or elevated, depending on your choice of style. If you go down this route, you can include a lot of extra storage capacity on either side of the basin and the pipework will be hidden within one of these cupboards.

Some people will choose a hybrid, where the basin is partially recessed into a work surface but still extends to the front. This is more about style than anything else and helps to focus attention on the basin as the most important element.


When you have decided on the basic style, you need to pick the material.

You could go the traditional route and have a ceramic sink. These are quite easy to clean and readily available. If you want to go with a countertop design, then you could choose a basin that is made from stone or even glass. These are more costly and may take some extra work to keep clean, but they can certainly make an impact on your overall design.

Making Your Choice

Talk with your appliance sales expert and give them your thoughts to see what options they can come up with.