Setting the Mood in Your Lounge With LED Lights: 3 Ideas to Consider

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Light is a powerful force when it comes to create the mood in a room, and if you are trying to revamp the lighting in your lounge, you don't necessarily have to spend a lot of money on new lamps or fixtures. Instead, you can set the mood with strands of LED lights. Here are some ideas to consider:

1. Sophisticated lit branches

Branches with sparkly white LED lights create a sophisticated yet slightly natural mood in a living room. You can easily make this lit decoration yourself -- you simply need a few branches and some strands of lights to get started.If you like, you can spray paint the branches white or sand off the bark and stain them a dark colour. Then, place them in a large vase and wind your strands of lights around them. Alternatively, start with a plank and drill several small holes into it. Plant your branches in those holes, and secure them with a bit of hot glue. Then, add LED lights.

2. Relaxed cinema lighting

If you prefer a relaxed mood, take a bit of inspiration from your local cinema. Many theatres have strands of LED lights running along their floors to help patrons see in the dark. You can mimic this effect around the perimetre of your lounge. Buy strands of lights in plastic casing. Then, if anyone accidentally steps on them, they are protected. To keep the strands in place, screw a few eye hooks into your floor right next to your wall, and pull the strands through the hooks.

3. Passionate sitting area

The colour red is associated with passion, and if passion is the mood you are trying to create in your lounge, red LED lights are the perfect way to do it. To create a concentrated red glow, take glass bowls and place them on your end tables. Then, coil a strand of red LED lights in the bowl, and let one end escape so that you can plug it in the wall.

This is a fun and affordable alternative to traditional table lamps, and if you invest in several different colours of LED lights, you can change the mood in your room as desired. For example, fill the bowl with green lights if you want to evoke harmonious feelings or blue lights if you want the mood to feel calm.

For more tips on setting the mood with LED lights, contact an LED light specialist.